Research & Development

As the leading Carbon Black Company, Research & Development at Birla Carbon is future focused on developing and using world-class carbon black technology for the benefit of its customers. With established state of art technology centres located in Mumbai, India and Marietta, Georgia, USA, and regional satellite laboratories, the growing and dynamic technology group at Birla Carbon is focused on continual enhancement in Carbon Black Technology through its efforts across Process Technology, Product Technology and Technical Service Capability. Birla Carbon forms partnerships with its customers to ensure they obtain consistent quality and performance, the necessary technical service in support of their most important applications, and access to new products and technical platforms to meet their most challenging needs.

Process Technology

The Process Technology group at Birla Carbon is leading and driving the process operations strategy of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability for the most efficient and advanced production technology. Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and many years of top level engineering expertise, the Process Engineers continue to pioneer technology development in the manufacturing plants to deliver the quality and products that customers require, in as efficient and environmentally friendly manner as possible. For example, Birla Carbon takes advantage of the additional energy in our plants to produce electricity for local consumption, further reducing the CO2 footprint to meet the energy needs of the globe.

Product Technology

The Product Technology group, along with Technical Service in each region of the world, is leading the effort in ensuring customers have all of their product-based technical needs met, including quality, performance and new products. In particular these groups work very closely with the customers on a daily basis to ensure they have the technical support required to be successful to overcome their product challenges.

Laboratory Services

Our Technology Laboratories in both Mumbai, India and Marietta, Georgia USA, are housed in world class technical facilities containing modern laboratory equipment with experienced scientists and researchers with expertise in not just carbon black technology but also across rubber, plastics, inks and coatings technology. These laboratories are available for the benefit of our customers, researching carbon black and its related present and potential applications.