Birla Carbon in Coatings

Birla Carbon Black can be used in a wide variety of coatings applications. ‘Raven® and Conductex our specialty carbon black brand has been designed for application in the coatings segment. Carbon black in coating applications besides the depth of color also provides conductive properties and makes it easy to disperse onto the product. In coatings, oxidized fine particle carbon black is the key to deep jet black paints. Coarser carbon black is used for tinting and is indispensable for obtaining a desired gray shade or color hue.

Our products serve coating requirements ranging from High Color requirements like Automotive Topcoats to medium color requirements of industrial products to low color requirements in primers. Carbon blacks primarily used for tinting are coarse and have broad particle size distributions. Grades with these properties provide good economics coupled with a desired blue tone and best resistance to flooding and flocculation. For use in machine colorant concentrates, coarse carbon blacks, especially the lampblack replacements, are usually specified.