Technical Services

As the leading global producer and supplier of Carbon Black catering across diverse segments and industries, we are aligned and in step with our customer’s constantly evolving solution requirement. Our globally available technical services team comprise of dedicated skilled experts with in depth understanding of carbon black and its application sectors like Rubber, Inks, Coatings and Plastics.

Supported by state of the art research infrastructure, our technical services teams work with customers and markets to develop new products and applications, to meet the emerging market requirements With strong customer associations and dialogue our team has a keen understanding of customer requirements and is able to develop new products to meet emerging market needs. Recent examples of products include a medium-high color grade for liquid applications and a highly porous grade for conductive plastic applications.

Birla Carbon also extends complete technical solution capability to key customers of our channel partners. The company provides updated applications data and literature to these customers helping them get the optimum performance from our products.

With its extensive worldwide foot print Birla Carbon is equipped to resolve local problems with global solutions.