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Birla Carbon to Increase North American Prices

Birla Carbon has been awarded a Platinum level rating by EcoVadis, an independent sustainability rating agency. This recognition confirms Birla Carbon’s position as an industry leader in advanced sustainability practices and reporting and places it in the top 1% of companies rated by EcoVadis.


Carbon Blacks in Inkjet: Particle and Aggregate Size Considerations

Inkjet inks utilizing waterborne, solventborne, and energy curable chemistries have become popular in recent decades compared to more traditional analogue printing techniques due to the ability to print variable content, low ink usage, and versatility of substrate types and geometry. Compared to dyes, which have been used extensively, particularly in waterborne systems due to their solubility, pigments offer much better lightfastness, water/solvent resistance, holdout (especially on porous substrates), and color performance.



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