Specialty Blacks for Inks

Many ink applications require a balance of easy dispersion, optical density, and blue undertone, all while maintaining the correct viscosity level. With our portfolio of Raven carbon blacks, you can do just that. Whether you make news, oil, or liquid inks, run low-speed sheet-fed presses or high-speed web offset operations, or make inks for publications, packaging, or personal use, we can help you find a solution to solve any printing challenge.



Raven carbon blacks provide pigmentation that enhances color and undertone in various ink applications. Our portfolio includes carbon blacks with a wide range of surface areas and structures that deliver good hiding power on a variety of substrates.


Obtain optimal initial viscosity by using Raven carbon blacks to balance the right combination of surface area, structure, and surface chemistry. Doing so can ultimately enhance color strength.


Some Raven carbon blacks have been specifically designed for use in food-contact applications. Our particulate-free Raven carbon blacks are well-suited for sensitive applications such as inkjet inks.


The tailored morphologies of our Conductex carbon blacks can help you obtain various levels of conductivity for your resin systems and applications such as RFID tags, printed circuitry, and keyboards.

Give your product market-leading printed image quality by developing the right combination of jetness, optical density, and toner resistivity with our specially designed Raven carbon blacks.

Choosing the right Raven carbon black will help you balance stability, surface tension, rheology, and optical density in your products for the desktop, wide-format, coding, and commercial printing markets.

A range of Raven carbon blacks can fulfill your requirements for low viscosity, abrasion, and stable dispersion while also meeting food-contact regulations.

Whether your printing needs involve letterpress, web offset, or aqueous, Raven carbon blacks bring reliable dispersion, blue undertone, and high rub-resistance all within reach.

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