We understand the challenges with compound formulation and conversion processes for various sealing applications.

Our portfolio of high performance carbon blacks enables compounders and sealing systems manufacturers to tailor properties for excellence in processing, appearance and sealing performance. Our products offer:

  • Unique colloidal properties to enable lower energy, faster mixing, extended screen life and reduced scrap
  • Tailored morphologies to meet compound electrical resistivity specifications
  • Low residue providing Class A surface finish and extended screen life and scrap reduction
sealing systems

Our sealing systems solutions can help you overcome these common challenges

Surface Finish Icon


Our pioneering work in the reduction of grit and other impurities gives you the ability to produce defect free Class A surface finishes for access to higher value markets. This technology has the added benefit of reduced extruder screen changes to improve processing efficiency.

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Our wide range of tailored morphology products provide fast incorporation and complete dispersion to maximize compounding efficiency while delivering the targeted reinforcement levels for a wide range of extruded and molded sealing systems.

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Our wide range of tailored morphology products allows for flexibility in compounding to achieve optimum rheology and extrusion control for various dense and sponge compounds while balancing other critical performance reinforcement parameters and compound economics.

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Our comprehensive range of ASTM and unique morphology products enables the optimum balance of hardness, tensile strength and sealing force to consistently ensure on-target compound performance.

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Our uniquely designed products enable high resistivity at high loadings while maintaining required levels of reinforcement. Such products can be used to address increasingly stringent OEM specifications for compound electrical resistivity, for example when formulating for galvanic corrosion resistant compounds for weather strip.

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