Specialty Blacks for Coatings

Equipped with industry-leading Raven carbon blacks, our technical experts will help you balance uniform dispersion, rich jetness, and blue undertone in your coatings formulation all while maintaining the correct viscosity. Our portfolio of Raven carbon blacks features a full-spectrum of shades ranging from a tint of gray to the jettest of black. Whether you are looking for protection, aesthetics, or both in your automotive, architectural, or industrial coating, let us work with you to craft the perfect solution.



Raven carbon blacks provide pigmentation (color and undertone) for a wide variety of coatings applications. The unique surface chemistries of our Raven carbon blacks promote easy dispersion, good stability, and flow to help you achieve optimal performance.


With the right combination of surface area, structure, and surface chemistry, Raven carbon blacks provide optimum initial viscosity. This ultimately results in enhanced color strength.


By converting UV radiation into heat, Raven carbon blacks protect materials from degradation caused by the absorption of radiation. This resistance to UV absorption from sunlight exposure contributes to improved weatherability and a longer product life.


When superior, eye-catching jetness is critical to your market success, turn to Raven 5000 Ultra II, the world’s jettest carbon black and industry standard for over 30 years.

Attain your desired tinting strength by selecting from a full range of Raven carbon blacks. Their carefully engineered morphologies provide a distinct, eye-appealing blue undertone that creates a sense of deeper color.

Meet light and UV absorption requirements by selecting a Raven carbon black with the optimal surface area. This results in exceptional jetness and delivers scratch and mar resistance.

Crafted with tailored morphologies, our Conductex carbon blacks can help you reach the desired level of conductivity for your coating system.

Whether your target application is point-of-sale tinting or in-plant tinting, utilize Raven carbon blacks to achieve the desired appearance and protection across the full breadth of resin systems including nitrocellulose, polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, vinyl, and CAB.

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