Our portfolio of performance conductive additives and anode active materials enables battery manufacturers to push the boundaries of charging rates, energy density, and product throughput. Our products offer:

  • Superior processing characteristics to maximize cell production and increase profitability
  • Extended range for electric vehicles due to energy-dense active materials
  • Longer cycle life and efficiency improve the product sustainability
  • Extremely high purity that meets or exceeds the rigorous specifications for battery applications

Our lithium-ion battery solutions can help you overcome these common challenges

lithium ion battery
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Developmental anode active materials have a high charge storage capacity and high tap density, packing a significant amount of energy into Li-ion battery anodes. These active materials can extend the range of electric vehicles.

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Development anode active materials have a low surface area, tight particle size distribution, and high purity that allows for efficient battery cycling, while our Conductex i performance conductive additives create a robust electrical network that delivers strong performance even at high charge rates.

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Our selection of Conductex i conductive carbons and anode active materials deliver consistent battery performance over 1,000 cycles. This extends product lifetimes and makes batteries more sustainable.

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Our Conductex i carbon additives offer advantages in battery formulations by enabling increased solids content to improve slurry processing efficiency for battery manufacturers leading to increased throughput and profitability.


Our selection of performance conductive additives is designed for simple integration into battery formulations. The NTeC-B carbon black/CNT hybrid materials can be delivered in a pre-dispersed solution to safely and efficiently realize the superior mixing characteristics and electrochemical performance of these unique structures.

Our products alleviate challenges by providing:

  • Higher energy density and cycle life that meet the needs for electric vehicles and other energy storage applications
  • Improved electrical conductivity that enables efficient cycling at high charge and discharge rates
  • Formulation flexibility and high solids content leading to lower product production costs
lithium ion battery


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Conductex i14Un aditivo conductor con una estructura y pureza muy elevadas diseñado las baterías de iones de litio que aumenta la conductividad eléctrica y permite un mayor contenido de sólidos en las lechadas para los electrodos de las baterías.brochure-iconcontact-icon
CNT/CB HybridSe trata de un aditivo conductivo híbrido compuesto por negro de carbono (CB) y nanotubos de carbono (CNT) diseñado para su uso en baterías de iones de litio de última generación que proporciona una mayor conductividad y densidad eléctrica. Este aditivo también puede suministrarse con dispersión previa para mejorar la facilidad de uso para los fabricantes de baterías.brochure-iconcontact-icon