Employees of Birla Carbon Hungary donate to Ukrainian refugees

Birla Carbon Hungary is located 148 kms from the Ukrainian border. With Ukraine engulfed in the war for more than a month, the employees of Birla Carbon Hungary came forward to donate essential items to the refugees of Ukraine throughout the month of March 2022.

In Tiszaújváros, the Birla Carbon Hungary plant is one of the collection points for Hungarian aid organizations. Birla Carbon Hungary has been in contact with these organizations, and on humanitarian grounds, the employees donated items after conducting a thorough check regarding what the refugees need.

Speaking about this donation, Laszlo Dobos, Unit Head, Birla Carbon Hungary, said, “Birla Carbon Hungary has been working closely with social service organizations to reach out and help refugees in every way possible. I want to thank all the employees who came forward in this humanitarian initiative, as this is how we ‘Share the Strength’ and give back to society in times of need.”

The employees of Birla Carbon Hungary donated the following items –

  • Durable food (flour, oil, sugar, pasta, canned food, tea, coffee, mineral water)
  • Bathroom products, disinfectants
  • Baby care products (diapers, wipes, baby foods)
  • Clothes (packed separately by size and gender)
  • First aid kits

The donations were collected weekly at the plant in Tiszaújváros and were then sent to the refugees. The aid organizations either forward the donations to the border or directly to Ukrainian families. Some of the employees of Birla Carbon Hungary undertook volunteer work as well to help the refugees who have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

Glimpses of the donation and disbursement of the proceeds

Glimpses of the donation and disbursement of the proceeds