Inspiring your success through guaranteed supply security, while nimbly co-creating customizable innovation for best-in-class battery performance and seamless production integration.

Birla Carbon offers unmatched global manufacturing, technical service, and sales footprint, including 16 manufacturing assets globally. We have deep applications expertise and the ability to tailor key properties of our full carbon portfolio to the needs of battery cell manufacturers.

We have developed a wide portfolio of performance conductive additives that are designed to improve the energy density, power density, and charging speed of lithium and lead-acid batteries.

We also offer performance anode active materials with ultra-high purity, controlled particle-size distributions, and well-defined performance properties for a range of energy storage applications including automotive EV, portable electronics, power tools, and stationary storage. Our emerging materials strategy and focus is designed to grow with our customers and nimbly adapt to new battery technologies.


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The Conductex i series and NTeC-B performance conductive additives for Li-ion batteries can provide higher battery manufacturing throughput along with superior high discharge rate performance, extended cycle life, exceptional high voltage retention for power batteries and fast charge performance for EVs. We are also developing a portfolio of performance anode active materials to include a complete offering of market-ready natural and synthetic graphite.

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Our Conductex e line are key performance-enhancing carbon black additives that provide high conductivity and purity while enabling manufacturers the formulation flexibility needed for a variety of applications in lead-acid batteries, including automotive, telecom, motive power, energy storage systems, and e-bikes.



Product NameDescriptionData SheetSDSContact
Conductex i14A conductive additive with a very high structure and purity designed for Li-ion batteries that increases the electrical conductivity and enables higher solids content of battery electrode slurries.brochure-iconcontact-icon
CNT/CB HybridA hybrid carbon black/CNT conductive additive designed for use in next generation Li-ion batteries that provides increased electrical conductivity and power density. This additive can also be provided as a pre-dispersion to improve the ease of use for battery manufacturers.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Product NameDescriptionData SheetSDSContact
Conductex e for Advanced Lead Acid Batteries brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e10A highly branched conductive additive designed for start-stop or micro-hybrid EFB or VRLA applications requiring the highest charge acceptance while maintaining a balance of low temperature performance and cycle life.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e15A conductive additive designed for high performance SLI and EFB batteries to meet the most stringent charge acceptance and partial state of charge needs. This carbon can also be used in VRLA batteries to provide improved low temperature performance.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e31A conductive additive designed for SLI, e-bike, ESS, and telecom batteries to enable high cold cranking performance while maintaining low water loss and long cycle life.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e43A unique conductive additive designed with a low surface area to enable low water loss and high durability during deep cycle operation in e-bike, ESS, telecom, or motive power applications.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e50A conductive additive designed for high performance SLI batteries and start-stop applications where a balance between cold cranking and water loss is desired.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e68A conductive additive designed with a low surface area to enable low water loss and high durability during partial state of charge operation in start-stop or micro-hybrid EFB applications.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Conductex e89A high surface area conductive additive that is recommend for high power and low temperature applications typical in SLI and e-bike batteries.brochure-iconcontact-icon
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