Carefully engineered with tailored morphologies, our Conductex carbon blacks prevent electrical damage and provide the required level of conductivity for your resin system.

Birla Carbon offers Conductex, the industry-recognized conductive carbon black products for ESD applications. These applications include: IC carrier tapes and trays, packaging, mining pipes, and anti-static flooring. Due to the demanding nature of ESD applications, they require carbon blacks with superior physical and chemical cleanliness. Birla Carbon’s Ultra products provide the highest level of purity, and therefore serve as industry benchmarks in these application segments.

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Areas of Benefits:

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Our Carbon Black products feature low ionic impurities and ash, leading to longer screen life and superior surface smoothness. This leads to fewer interruptions during production cycles, resulting in higher efficiency and lower production cost.

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The unique morphology of Conductex carbon blacks enhances dispersibility in the resin matrix, benefiting higher conductivity in final applications. Low compound moisture absorption, good rheology and benchmark microscopic dispersion performance ensures smooth, defect-free final applications.