Birla Carbon´s portfolio offering you a wide variety of morphologies and surface functionalities to meet most challenging requirements in all sorts of systems and applications.

Our products provide you universal systems compatibility, easy dispersion, blue undertones and enable you to optimize your formulations towards modern dispersion agents in solvent and water borne formulations. Enhanced product performance and dispersability not only improves color performance but also enables significant cost and production time savings.

Anti-Vibration Mid-image

Areas of Benefits:

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We have offerings that cover the full range of full shade and tinting applications. Reliable consistent and repeatable color space from each of the products we supply.

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By offering both easy dispersible, low dust beads and powder, we can supply a product that meets the needs of your dispersion equipment and processes.

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With a variety of surface areas and structure, the viscosity can be tuned to meet your requirements. With low structure offerings in particular, we can enable higher loadings in concentrates to maximize throughput.

Birla Carbon Industrial Coatings Pipes