Birla Carbon offers a wide range of engineered carbon blacks to meet the desired color and tonal performance while enabling excellent dispersion in the extrusion process.

With our span of furnace black´s, after treated solutions and carbon negative carbonaceous material you will find a portfolio that meets all kind of requirement and with our inhouse powder coatings capabilities and formulation know-how you also get immense technical support.

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Areas of Benefits:

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We offer a range of products that provide varying levels of jetness, melt flow, and coating appearance. Our high surface area options provide good jetness and tonal performance with or without surface modification. Also, enjoy the advantage of UV stability with our high color carbon black products in full shade coatings.

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Enhance your sustainability initiatives, moving closer to your net zero target with sustainable carbonaceous materials that provide good color performance and flow properties for your industrial coating needs. Our sustainable products enable good opacity at low loadings, and the ability to be utilized in a number of applications, including tinting.

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Appearance: Fine-tune your melt flow and improve surface smoothness by optimizing your combination of particle size and surface treatment. We offer both treated and non-treated products in our specialty portfolio.

Birla Carbon Black Powder Coatings