Fit for purpose carbon blacks from regional sources provide the required performance with short supply chains and world class technical support available globally.

Birla Carbon offers carbon blacks that meet the color requirements of the newsink/coldest market. There is a balance between the desire for low viscosity inks, and ease of dispersion, which is primarily adjusted through the use of different levels of structure.

  • Higher structure carbon blacks will favor dispersibility and give a higher viscosity
  • Lower structure carbon blacks provide the lower viscosity, though these will be slightly harder to disperse
  • The typical ink will be produced using locally sourced beaded carbon blacks, though some local markets still prefer powder carbon blacks even for newsinks.
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Areas of Benefits:

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The typical newsink formulation may use two different carbon blacks, a higher surface area for jetness, and a second lower surface area pigment to bring out a bluer tone. Blending is usually done at the ink base stage, rather than co-grinding the pigments.

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With modern press speeds, the demand on ink rheology is higher than at any time previously. A move to lower structure materials helps meet these rheological needs.

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By bringing the product to you from a local production source, we provide reliable and short supply chains.

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