Whether your printing needs involve letterpress, offset, or gravure processes, our Raven carbon blacks bring reliable dispersion, optical density, blue undertone, and high rub-resistance all within reach.

Birla Carbon offers a range of specialty carbon blacks to meet the performance demands of publication inks. Unique combinations of morphological properties and pigment surface chemistries enable ink formulators to properly balance optical density, color, gloss, and viscosity. Consistent product quality ensures your performance targets are met with every batch, while high levels of cleanliness minimize equipment wear and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

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Areas of Benefits:



Publication inks exhibit various performance targets around optical density, gloss, undertone, and blackness. The Raven product portfolio is designed with these demands in mind. A broad range of surface areas give formulators the flexibility needed to meet strict appearance targets.

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Whether formulators desire maximizing the pigment loading of a color concentrate, achieving opacity in thin films, or adjusting ink viscosity for optimal printing rates, our range of low to moderate structure carbon blacks allow formulators to achieve desired viscometric properties.



Carbon blacks from our Ultra product line utilize production technology that minimize contaminant levels and enable inks to reach the highest levels of cleanliness; thereby prolonging equipment life and in-can stability.

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Raven carbon blacks are designed with tailored morphologies and surface chemistry to give formulators the ability to balance wetting, deagglomeration, and handling properties. Pelletized and powdered physical forms add an additional level of flexibility when selecting products to ensure optimal performance in your process.

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