Fulfill your packaging ink performance requirements while meeting food-contact regulations with our high-performance Raven carbon blacks.

Birla Carbon offers a wide range of carbon blacks specifically designed to meet the highest performance standards for a variety of packaging inks. Our balanced approach to product design gives formulators a series of products capable of achieving performance targets regardless of printing process, ink chemistry, or substrate type; all while adhering to food contact regulations.

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Areas of Benefits:



The Raven product portfolio includes a range of surface area and structure combinations to give formulators the flexibility needed to meet strict appearance targets and develop desired opacity on porous and non-porous substrates.

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Our range of low structure carbon blacks allow formulators to increase pigment loadings to improve thin film opacity while maintaining desired flow properties during handling and application.



Carbon blacks from our Ultra product line minimize physical contaminant levels to reduce equipment wear and improve maintenance costs. Where regulatory standards are a concern, Raven products are produced utilizing process technology that reduces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metal contaminations.

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Tailored morphologies and surface chemistries in a physical form that best suits your processing equipment provides the best way to achieve the necessary quality of dispersion for the application at the lowest energy cost.