We understand the challenges with compound formulation for each unique anti-vibration system (AVS) application.

Our portfolio of high performance carbon blacks enables compounders and AVS manufacturers to tailor compound performance for excellence in processing, durability and dynamic properties/vibration isolation. Our products offer:

  • Unique morphologies enabling lower energy, faster mixing, improved processing and dispersion
  • Engineered distributions of particle size and structure for improved dynamic properties and vibration isolation
  • Low residue levels to maximize fatigue resistance
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Our AVS solutions can help you overcome these common challenges

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Our wide range of tailored morphology products provide fast incorporation and complete dispersion to maximize compounding efficiency while delivering the targeted reinforcement levels for a wide range of AVS compounds.

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Our tailored morphology products featuring engineered particle and aggregate size distributions enable enhanced dynamic performance (e.g. reduced spring rate – Kd/Ks) for optimum NVH  (noise, vibration, harshness) control without sacrificing compound durability

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Our comprehensive range of ASTM and unique morphology products enables the optimized balance of compound hardness, tensile strength and compression set for various AVS applications to consistently ensure on-target compound performance.

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Our pioneering work in the reduction of residue gives you the ability to produce AVS components with dramatically reduced crack initiation sites to ensure long component life.

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