Net zero by 2050

As leaders in carbon black manufacturing, we are committed to growing more sustainably wherever possible. Following a natural progression in our circularity and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, in 2021 we pledged to lower our carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, a first for the carbon black industry.

We aim to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050

To fulfil our vision of becoming the most respected, sustainable and dynamic global carbon black business, we are driving our sustainability ambitions forward. In August 2021, we announced our newest goal – to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Guided by our net zero purpose to lead the change to a net zero future through strategic collaborations and drive circularity by providing a range of sustainable carbon solutions, we are pledging to bring down our emissions. Looking to reduce our impact beyond our direct operations, we are supporting our customers and suppliers to achieve similar emissions reductions.

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We are choosing to lead through bold commitment and industry-first initiatives for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

John Loudermilk
CEO, Birla Carbon

How we will achieve net zero carbon emissions

Our strategy for reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to achieve net zero remains anchored by the 4Rs: Research, Reduce, Replace and Repurpose.

Targeting a reduction in emissions over the coming decades, we will focus on decarbonizing our business and decoupling our emissions from our production levels. Achieving this requires industry collaboration, so we are engaging experts and creating long-term partnerships to reach our goal.

Our net zero GHG emissions strategy

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We will research new ways to capture and convert carbon emissions.

A significant part of our net zero target will come from future technologies that capture and convert carbon dioxide into valuable carbon products. We will focus on investing in and developing these technologies and assets.

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We will reduce our dependence on traditional manufacturing processes.

We will continue to focus on optimizing processes for converting carbon to carbon black, and to prioritize energy efficiencies throughout our operations.

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We will replace our current energy and feedstock with low-carbon solutions.

We will focus on adding renewable energy solutions, and shifting a portion of our production to alternative feedstocks derived from biomass.

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We will repurpose materials through a circular approach.

Through creating more circular products, like Continua™ 8000, we will enable our customers to develop the next generation of sustainable products. Our carbon black boosts product longevity, preventing end-of-life materials going to landfill.

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Our progress so far

In FY2022, we focused on mapping technologies, engaging experts and establishing strong partnerships to implement our net zero strategy. We invested in energy efficiency projects at our sites and remain a net energy positive business.

We continue to research bio-based feedstocks for carbon black production, expand Continua™ SCM with our customers, and invest in circular products like the nanocellulose dispersion composite (NDC™) rubber masterbatch with GranBio Technologies.

We have also developed a Green Finance Framework that demonstrates best market practices and requirements in relation to international principles.

We completed a comprehensive GHG inventory to assess all Scope 3 categories and underwent third-party validation of our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.

The increased demand and production of carbon black resulted in increased GHG emissions in FY2022.

Our Carbon Footprint Statement (PDF, 0.18MB)

A unified approach to sustainability

Net Zero by 2050 internal imageOur net zero ambitions align with the Paris Agreement. We are also aligned with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Tire Industry Project SDG Roadmap, which aims to address the social and environmental impacts of tires by 2050. This supports our environmental commitments as we Share the Strength of our leadership capabilities for a greener future.

With operations in 12 countries on five continents, we have a highly complex supply chain. We have partnered with EcoVadis to facilitate sharing of sustainability best practices and to assess the sustainability profile of our key suppliers as part of our Sustainable Procurement program.

Over 160 years of extraordinary innovation in the carbon black industry, coupled with decades of focus on sustainability, makes our net zero goal not just aspirational, but achievable.

Using the results of our LCAs, we have developed Carbon Footprint Statements for carbon black and Continua™. These statements are publicly available as a tool to help our customers determine the complete carbon footprint of their own products. It also ensures we are communicating transparently on our impacts.

Our Carbon Footprint Statement (PDF, 0.18MB)

Continua™ Carbon Footprint Statement (PDF, 0.18MB)

In our report you will find more information on:

  • How our sites are reducing CO2 emissions
  • The launch of Continua™ 8000, our first fully circular product
  • Our latest innovations
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Applying circular thinking

Leading the way for the industry, we have achieved circularity at scale with our Continua™ SCM offering while applying the same principles in carbon black production.

Always investing in innovation

See how our culture of ingenuity brings sustainable solutions
through partnerships and product developments.