As a business, we discuss innovation, experience it from different perspectives, and take our learnings to our plants, labs, and offices to implement anew. Globally, we constantly attempt to create change through innovation by thinking differently, collaborating effectively, and continuing to live our purpose to #ShareTheStrength with our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. We believe every person strengthens the other just as one idea sharpens another.

Our culture of innovation

Innovation is embedded throughout our business, motivating us as we strive for continuous improvement. We leverage partnerships and explore new design processes to constantly expand the potential of our product. Our customers say that our carbon black identification technology is the best on the market, and we gladly share our process with them.

Cutting-edge facilities support cutting-edge thinking

Taloja LabTo ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our industry, we depend on scientists and engineers who are dedicated to taking us forward. We therefore provide our scientists with state-of-the-art research facilities, bringing together our Research and Development (R&D) and Manufacturing teams from around the world. Our two principal R&D Centers in Taloja (Maharashtra, India) and Marietta (Georgia, USA) are supported by satellite laboratories around the world. We recognize that innovative thinking supports sustainability, helping us achieve our goals and share progress along the way. We aim to further develop our products to advance circularity.

Read about our culture of innovation (PDF, 13.7 MB) in our report.

Inviting innovation from everyone

Our innovation program has continued to grow from its inception in 2019 to present, and to drive this continued engagement, Birla Carbon went BiiG in FY2023. The Birla International Innovation Gathering (BiiG) concept emerged from our Purpose to Share the Strength and our innovation challenge. To build on the momentum of the event, we have continued to go BiiG during our roadshow campaign. The BiiG Show will engage employees across all levels of the organization, inspire them to be the leaders of tomorrow and safeguard the future of our organization by demonstrating our innovation spirit and mindset. Going forward, our Innovation Ambassador Network (IAN) will be an integral part of driving a sustainable culture of innovation at Birla Carbon. The network is made up of 23 individuals from diverse functional areas and locations. These champions of innovation serve as representatives for their sites and will help shape the business of tomorrow.

BiiG Innovation Logo

Circularity with Continua™ SCM

Applying circular thinking, Continua™ SCM is our new product, created by recycling end-of-life tires.

Circularity with Continua

Sharing the strength – our partnerships

Through establishing partnerships, with a view to long-term positive impact, we utilize both expert knowledge and industry experience to create sustainable products for our customers.

Capture and Conversion

Capture and conversion: Making CO2 useful

We are working with our sister company, Novelis, to explore various solutions for capturing CO2 – including chemical solutions such as amine and metal-organic frameworks, and physical options such as membrane-based technologies.

Innovating with Circularity

Innovating with circularity in mind

We are currently partnering with start-ups, including US Department of Energy grant winners, allowing us to capture and convert our CO2 emissions into novel, solid-carbon products, including carbon nanomaterials, that we could then use to replace or improve existing products.

Lithium Ion Battery

Working with partners to develop graphite for lithium-ion batteries

We collaborated with North Carolina State University, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Ensyn, the Battery Innovation Center (BIC), and Yale University to develop and scale up the production of biocrude derived graphite for lithium-ion batteries – Biocrude Derived Anode Material (BDAM).

We reinvested 4% of profit in research and development in FY 2023.

Our solutions for the electric vehicles

Energy Efficiency Icon

Energy efficiency

Power Density Icon

Power density

Charging Speed Icon

Charging speed

These batteries could be used in the next generation of electric vehicles, in grid storage systems to improve the efficiency of wind farms or for home energy storage. Birla Carbon’s participation at The Battery Show in Michigan 2021 affirmed our entry into the Energy Systems market. We presented a portfolio of conductive carbon solutions and launched our Conductex i™ and Conductex e™ series of products for lithium ion and lead acid battery applications. These high-performance batteries can unlock 5-15% energy savings, enabled by highly engineered conductive carbon black.

By expanding in markets such as batteries, tire materials, inks and plastics, we can increase value for both our business and our customers.

In our report you will find more information on:

  • How our sites are reducing CO2 emissions
  • The launch of Continua™ 8000, our first fully circular product
  • Our latest innovations
2023 Birla Carbon Sustainability Report

Applying circular thinking

Leading the way for the industry, we have achieved circularity at scale with our Continua™ offering while applying the same principles in carbon black production.

Working towards our 2030 goals

Take a look at our progress, including our awards, targets and our contribution to global goals.