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Formulating Carbon Black in Adhesives & Sealants

When qualifying a new carbon black in a new product or as a potential offset, it is critical to understand the Performance Triangle by looking at carbon black selection, formulation and dispersion.

Publication Gravure Ink Performance and the Role of Carbon Black

Carbon blacks are frequently used in publication gravure inks and a specific product needs to be selected to meet the desired performance needs. Balancing the properties of a carbon black will deliver the required colour density, jetness, gloss and rheology. The carbon black portfolio of Birla Carbon has a range of products to meet different jetness and tonal needs.

Maximizing the Fatigue Performance of Rubber Components

Across a vast range of industries, rubber components play safety critical roles in activities every single day. As such, rubber components need to be durable and long lasting. While there are many ways in which a rubber component can fail in service, mechanical fatigue is probably the most common failure mechanism which affects nearly all rubber-based components.

Color Space Definition for High Jetness Automotive Coatings

Defining the targeted color space is an important first step in having meaningful discussions on changes to coatings formulations that will achieve the desired end result. If a customer says they want to be bluer in undertone, then the immediate question becomes bluer compared to what?

Instrumental Measurement of Deep Black Coatings

There are a lot of instruments involved in the measurement of deep black coatings. In this blog post, Dr. Richard Abbott provides insights on what measurements and specifications are used to receive accurate and precise measurements of black objects.

Maximizing Curing of UV Inks and Coatings with Carbon Black

UV-curable inks and coatings are a high growth market for various industries such a printing ink, particularly for food packaging, floor coatings, and 3D printing. These materials offer high gloss, low/zero VOC (volatile organic compound), and many other advantages compared to other liquid chemistries.


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