Birla Carbon offers Conductex e carbon blacks as a complete portfolio of conductive additives for lead acid battery negative electrodes to enable battery manufacturers to meet the growing charge acceptance, cycle life, and water loss needs of consumers. These products provide the required conductivity and purity levels while enabling manufacturers the formulation flexibility needed to meet sustainability targets in a variety of lead acid battery applications, including automotive, telecom, motive power, energy storage systems, and e-bikes. Our unique Conductex e products offer:

  • Increased dynamic charge acceptance (DCA)
  • Extremely high purity which meets or exceeds the rigorous requirements of lead-acid battery applications
  • Increased cycle life coupled with reduced water loss during partial state of charge (PSoC) operation
  • Enhanced formulation flexibility due to wide range of available particle sizes and tailored surface chemistries
  • Ease of dispersibility enables high battery uniformity

Our Conductex e lead acid battery solutions can help you overcome these common challenges

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Our Conductex e line of conductive carbon blacks provide high conductivity and a morphology tailored to enable the fast-recharging performance required of start-stop and micro-hybrid applications. This performance is critical for meeting the sustainability goals and fuel savings targets of many automotive manufacturers.

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Our conductive carbon additives are designed to provide a robust electrical network which allows advanced lead acid batteries to meet their power requirements in the extreme cold temperatures necessary for automotive and e-bike applications while maintaining battery durability.

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Our Conductex e performance carbon blacks have high purity and tailored surface chemistry which deliver consistent battery performance even during deep cycle as well as partial state of charge operation. This extends the product lifetime and reduces overall cost of ownership making a more sustainable product possible.

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Our Conductex e line of carbon black conductive additives have a tailored particle morphology and high purity which reduces the side reactions that cause gassing and water loss. This reduction of water loss helps both flooded and valve regulated batteries and can increase the battery lifetime while lowering maintenance requirements.

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Our selection of performance conductive carbons is designed to easily be incorporated into the paste mix using simple dry mixing or pre-wetting methods without the need for predispersed liquid systems. This allows better use of the active material through a robust conductive network and increases the overall battery performance and reliability.

Our products alleviate challenges by providing:

  • Improved electrical conductivity that meets the power and performance needs of advanced lead acid batteries even at low temperatures
  • High purity levels that reduce gassing during charge and increase life cycle
  • Formulation flexibility and ease of dispersion which improves battery uniformity and ease of processing
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Conductex e10

A highly branched conductive additive designed for start-stop or micro-hybrid EFB or VRLA applications requiring the highest charge acceptance while maintaining a balance of low temperature performance and cycle life

Conductex e15

A conductive additive designed for high performance SLI and EFB batteries to meet the most stringent charge acceptance and partial state of charge needs. This carbon can also be used in VRLA batteries to provide improved low temperature performance.

Conductex e31

A conductive additive designed for SLI, e-bike, ESS, and telecom batteries to enable high cold cranking performance while maintaining low water loss and long cycle life.

Conductex e43

A unique conductive additive designed with a low surface area to enable low water loss and high durability during deep cycle operation in e-bike, ESS, telecom, or motive power applications.

Conductex e47

A high-performance conductive additive designed for start-stop or micro-hybrid EFB/VRLA applications where charge acceptance and water loss are critical.

Conductex e50

A conductive additive designed for high performance SLI batteries and start-stop applications where a balance between cold cranking and water loss is desired.

Conductex e68

A conductive additive designed with a low surface area to enable low water loss and high durability during partial state of charge operation in start-stop or micro-hybrid EFB applications.

Conductex e89

A high surface area conductive additive that is recommend for high power and low temperature applications typical in SLI and e-bike batteries.