Obtain a market-leading digitally printed image by developing the right combination of jetness, optical density, and print quality with the tailored morphologies of our Raven carbon blacks.

Birla Carbon presents our maximum performance carbon blacks which offer high surface areas to attain premium jetness and blue undertones, excellent purity to obtain reliable printhead performance and print quality, and UV protection for demanding outdoor graphics.

Anti-Vibration Mid-image

Areas of Benefits:



Our products, in particular our Ultra grade carbon blacks, offer some of the lowest levels of ash and grit attainable in the marketplace. This prevents printhead clogging and poor drop formation. They are also low in PAH and AMES negative for toner applications where this is required



Due to digital ink’s inherent low film thickness, high surface area carbon blacks are required to achieve high optical densities seen with traditional analogue printing.



For outdoor graphics applications where UV protection for both the pigment itself and the film as a whole is a must, Birla Carbon’s products will resist color and physical property degradation even under the most demanding conditions.

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Product NameDescriptionData SheetSDSContact
Raven 1060 UltraRaven 1060 Ultra is a medium surface area, food contact approved carbon black with low structure which offers ease of dispersion, low viscosity, and good color strength. The product is surface treated for improved dispersion and in-can stability.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Raven 1100 UltraRaven 1100 Ultra is a higher surface area option that still can give the needed dispersion quality for digital applications.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Raven 1185Raven 1185 features a relatively high oil absorption which gives it easier dispersibility than other carbon blacks in the marketplace with similar surface areas.brochure-iconcontact-icon
Raven 1255Formulations with Raven 1255 offer eye-appealing piano black levels of jetness and premium bluetone values.brochure-iconcontact-icon
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