Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Birla Carbon

Birla Carbon is committed to build an ecosystem where diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded into our Purpose, Vision and Strategy. Through DEI, we aim to create an inclusive culture to add value to employees, stakeholders and communities, and position Birla Carbon as an aspirational workplace for diverse workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion at Birla Carbon

From the CEO Desk

“In a world that is so diverse, the only way to be more competitive and maximize our performance is to ensure our business represents the world around us. To help us make the right decisions, understand what brings value to the customer base, recognize the opportunities, and challenge each other to maximize what we can contribute. Being an organization like that is just what is right. Everyone deserves the best chance possible; everyone deserves the chance to succeed.”

– John Loudermilk, CEO, Birla Carbon

Workspace DEI

In our endeavor to build an inclusive organization, Birla Carbon firmly believes and aspires to build an employee base which reflects the diversity of the markets we serve. DEI brings in competitive advantage that helps us leverage multiple opportunities and gets reflected through improved innovation, market knowledge, team dynamics and brand recognition. Our multicultural and diverse workforce is a formidable strength which helps us incorporate multiple perspectives and serve our customers better across the globe. Below is a snapshot of the progress that we have made so far.


Presence in 12 countries globally

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Anchored by a multilingual workforce of 2200+ belonging to 31 nationalities


25% of our Executive leadership team are women. Women leaders hold key positions including Unit Head of a manufacturing facility.

Initiatives in DEI Space


Inclusive Leadership Journey for Leadership, Managers and Employees

Sensitizing employees across levels to bring awareness of unconscious biases and take mindful actions to embed a culture of inclusion 

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Shadow Board

Leadership development journey program offered to promising young talent to facilitate accelerated development, develop future leaders and integrate their viewpoint in the strategic planning process.

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A women mentoring program to build capabilities of emerging women leaders and help them carve out their career journey

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Employee Resource Groups

Fostering inclusion in a number of ways and strengthening camaraderie and acceptance of diverse work groups.

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International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day passionately to promote diversity and highlight the roles women play in Birla Carbon and outside

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Leadership Nuggets

Diversity and Inclusion at Birla Carbon from Ann Schoeb

Ann Schoeb
Chief R&D Officer

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Diversity and Inclusion at Birla Carbon from Madhavi Kanumoory

Madhavi Kanumoory
Chief Digital & Information Officer

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Women in Manufacturing

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The Purpose Connect

Our people are our biggest asset and our Strength!

Our business Purpose is to ‘Share the Strength’ in everything we do.

De-coding DEI through Purpose


Diversity forms the roadmap to ‘Share the Strength’ by strengthening our focus on gender and generational diversity.

We leverage diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise unlocking the creative potential of our people and empowering them to be active participants in all initiatives they undertake.


We ‘Share the Strength’ by promoting the fair treatment of all people, such that our policies and practices ensure uniform implementation of outcomes at our workplaces. It takes into consideration a person’s unique circumstance and adjusts the application in an appropriate manner in order to ensure an equal and fair outcome.


We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere, and empowering and enabling a solid and inclusive workforce is key to Birla Carbon’s success. With inclusion, we ‘Share the Strength’ by creating more equitable opportunities and nurturing environments where varied perspectives are welcomed.

DEI Reflections on the Purpose Principles

Challenge Tested

Challenge Tested

Understanding how social and economic issues cross organizational boundaries and impact employee groups across various regions.

Beyond Durable

Beyond Durable

Empowering and enabling a strong, diverse, and inclusive workforce to succeed not for the near future but for decades to come and continue to be a leader.

Micro Matters

Micro Matters

Building insight into one’s own biases, blind spots, and behaviors that impact others in the organization, especially people belonging to diverse groups.

Familiar Bonds

Familiar Bonds

Creating psychological safety to enable people to express authentically, thereby bringing in their best selves, at the same time ensuring all voices are heard.

Compound Knowledge

Compound Knowledge

Considering a person’s unique circumstance and adjusting the application in an appropriate manner in order to ensure an equal and fair outcome.

Message from Leaders

DEI Council

To ensure governance of the DEI Strategy, a DEI Council is formed which comprises of senior leaders. The DEI council meets once a quarter and is responsible for defining and owning business DEI vision and strategy. The Council sponsors initiatives in the DEI space at the global level and reviews progress on DEI plans and metrics.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Venkatachalam H. Kadayam

Chief Human Resource Officer

Dr Ann Schoeb

Chief R&D Officer

In case of any queries or for additional information, contact Birla Carbon HR at – birlacarbon.dei@adityabirla.com