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Formulating Carbon Black in Adhesives & Sealants

When qualifying a new carbon black in a new product or as a potential offset, it is critical to understand the Performance Triangle by looking at carbon black selection, formulation and dispersion.


Publication Gravure Ink Performance and the Role of Carbon Black

Carbon blacks are frequently used in publication gravure inks and a specific product needs to be selected to meet the desired performance needs. Balancing the properties of a carbon black will deliver the required colour density, jetness, gloss and rheology. The carbon black portfolio of Birla Carbon has a range of products to meet different jetness and tonal needs.


A partnership for Sustainability between Circtec and Birla Carbon

Circtec, the leader in pyrolysis technology and the production of renewable fuels from end-of-life tires, and Birla Carbon, the global carbon black leader, signed a long-term supply agreement for Sustainable Carbonaceous Materials, creating the largest sustainability footprint in the carbon black industry.



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