Birla Carbon Brazil – Reuse of Pallets

Site – Birla Carbon Cubatão

Years – Since 2018

Both Cubatão and Camaçari plants of Birla Carbon Brazil implemented the standardization of  pallets used for finish goods in 2018, focusing on waste reduction, accomplishing the Brazilian legislation of National Solid Waste Policy, and adding the opportunity of cost reduction in alignment with the sustainability practices of the business.

The plants had defined two models of plastic pallets – multi-way and one-way – used for specific types of transportation.

  • The multi-way pallet is a compound of high density polyethylene reused in 30 travels on an average and recycled after use. This isBirla Carbon Brazil - Reuse of Pallets used for finished goods demand.
  • The one-way pallet is made from polypropylene and can also be recycled after usage. It is used for export demands and customers who do not practice reverse packaging logistics.

The usage of plastic pallets allowed Birla Carbon to reduce around 80% of waste in comparison to the previous pallet model which only allowed for 10 trips.