Birla Carbon Brazil ‘Shares the Strength’ with the local community

Birla Carbon Brazil ‘Shares the Strength’ with the local communityIn October 2022, the Camaçari Plant at Birla Carbon Brazil donated around 30 office chairs to a local entity. The action was an initiative from the unit with the support of the COFIC – Camaçari Industrial Promotion Committee to the ‘Moradores do Entroncamento de Dias D’Avila Association’ which works with the neighborhood population of Dias D’Avila city, closer to the Plant.

Speaking about the donation, Natalia Shu, HR Analyst, Birla Carbon Camaçari, said, “This donation, from our end, benefits the association as it serves the  needy population through several educational and social activities.” Along with Natalia, the EHS technician of the Plant, Luciano Vieira, also represented Birla Carbon Camaçari in this initiative. Natalia further shared, “The donation will allow regular activities at the center to be restored. The association is grateful to Birla Carbon for its contribution as it will work towards helping the local community.” The neighborhood association offers free services like sports activities for youngsters and adults, theater classes, lectures for women, and other social actions to benefit the community.