Organized multiple events to build awareness and understanding

On December 3, every year, the world celebrates the ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’ (IDPD). This day aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society. Keeping this in mind, Birla Carbon Egypt (BCE) organized two significant events as part of its corporate social responsibility activities in the latter half of December 2021.

Sharing her thoughts on these initiatives, Samah Shawky, General Manager, Birla Carbon Egypt, said, “The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is marked to promote the well-being of the people in the society. It is our duty to ensure that we form an inclusive world where people from all walks of life feel one.” She further adds how, “As a business, Birla Carbon has always contributed and given back to the communities in which it operates, and with these various CSR activities, BCE has taken a step forward in this endeavor. These workshops and activities for the children with disabilities, in our local areas and communities, are ways in which we live our purpose and ‘Share the Strength’.”

Healthcare Facilities by Birla Carbon Egypt

Birla Carbon Egypt established and inaugurated three classes in an orphanage for people with intellectual disabilities. These classes will be providing distinguished healthcare facilities to 20 people who reside in the orphanage. The event was inaugurated in the presence of Samah Shawky, a member of the Egypt parliament and members of a few NGOs and the BCE team, among others.

As part of the facilities, BCE provided the following –

  • Psychometric Assessment and Measurement Tool: BCE provided the orphanage with some tools for testing various disabilities, which would help in assessing and measuring the different abilities in children – cognitive, social, and academic skills. These tools would assist in designing various intervention and rehabilitation programs as well.
  • Psychomotor Therapy Class: This class is a room where the movement and play activities are looked at, which help the child with a certain disability acquire a set of skills and cognitive abilities related to their body and composition.
  • Sensory Room for Autism: A room equipped with special tools to alert, arouse and stimulate all the senses of the children who have autism and other related delays in the development of cognitive and sensory aspects that are involved in the interaction with the surrounding environment.
  • Skills Development and Crafts Class: In this class, persons with disabilities learn simple, easy, and safe professional and vocational skills. They are then classified according to their respective abilities.

Birla Carbon Egypt also provided tools and supplies needed to teach the children how to make candles, package detergents, and bamboo products. Additionally, 16 women from different regions in Alexandria, Egypt, received the training organized by BCE to prepare them to teach people with disabilities and further train them on self-reliance and integration into society.

tools and supplies needed to teach the children

Tailoring Workshops for Children with Hearing Impairment


BCE inaugurated two tailoring workshops in a school designated for hearing-impaired children. These workshops have been equipped with 14 sewing machines – primary, semi-automatic, and completely automatic. BCE organized these workshops to help students acquire new skills in addition to their academic studies, which will assist in securing employment opportunities and make them financially independent and self-reliant in the future. The event was inaugurated in the presence of Samah Shawky, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Alexandria; General Director of the Educational Administration; a member of the Egypt parliament and the BCE team.

Tailoring Workshops for Children with Hearing Impairment