Meeting our neighbors’ needs at Birla Carbon Hamilton

Year: 1998 to present
Birla Carbon Canada in Hamilton Ontario has greatly improved its relationship and environmental reputation in its geographical area and community, over the last 10 years. The shared mission for the community is to improve the quality of life of the people residing there, through sustainable operations and partnerships.

Meeting our neighbors’ needs at Birla Carbon HamiltonBirla Carbon Canada (BCC) is one of the founders of HIEA (Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association) and is on the Board of Directors and Technical Committee of the same. By being a partner, BCC has committed to reducing waste, continuing to embrace innovation and being an active partner in discussions and actions through local community initiatives, impacting the environment and climate change.

Meeting our neighbors’ needs at Birla Carbon HamiltonBCC is a partner of the HAMN (Hamilton Air Monitoring Network) and a member of the steering committee. HAMN represents participating industries that are committed to carrying out air quality monitoring as part of the MECP’s Source Emissions Monitoring program (SEM).

The HAMN website provides current Hamilton air quality reporting through real-time data reporting. The mandate of this committee is to ensure that both – the ministry’s and the industrial partners’ needs are met with regards to their industrial source emissions monitoring responsibilities.

Sustainability Focus: Community engagement, air emissions