Birla Carbon Italy continues to support the Rodari Primary School

Trecate, Italy – In September 2018, we began sponsorship of the Rodari Primary School in Trecate. In September 2019, phase two of this sponsorship was completed with the inauguration of the “ArchiLab.” This space, which is located within the school’s premises, will be an architecture and photography section for the whole city. Included in the space are architecture and design projects which were produced by students over the year. We also sponsor an annual children’s summer camp in Trecate. Each year, 30 children live together for a week, learning how to take care of themselves and others – from making their beds and cleaning their living spaces to learning about risks, safety and how to react in emergencies. And, of course, they get to play together too, developing valuable teamwork, social and communication skills. For one afternoon during the week, they also visit our nearby plant, where they find out how we handle our own risks and safety procedures. In November 2019, Birla Carbon sponsored, and participated in, a high school fair in the Province of Novara. During the fair, middle and high school students and their teachers and parents could talk to members of the Birla Carbon Italy team to gain information about our business and industry. We also organized a workshop, where students learned more about carbon black and got to conduct small chemical experiments. We participated in the Smart Challenge Project, an innovative project which is trialing a virtual schoolwork alternation for the first time, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Through the project, students were challenged to develop concepts for managing a company training database. Birla Carbon Italy awarded students from different high schools and challenged them on their problem-solving, creativity, innovation and teamwork skills.