Birla Carbon Italy partners with La Cometa to ‘Share the Strength’

In October 2022, Birla Carbon Italy (BCI) joined hands with La Cometa. This local association provides help to people with disabilities or those who live in difficult social and economic conditions. The association offers jobs that help people earn their daily bread and live with dignity. Primarily, they create handmade agendas and notebooks.  BCI began donating old working suites, which the association used to make covers for their products. Giuseppe Zanotti, General Manager, Birla Carbon Italy, said, “Since 2017, BCI has been purchasing customized agendas for its employees from La Cometa. However, post the pandemic, the situation worsened. La Cometa asked us for support by buying T-shirts for their members to keep up the team spirit. This year they requested that BCI finance a wider program on psychological support for the members.” He further added, “By giving back to the societies in which we operate, we share the strength and live our purpose.”

It was hard for the association to provide essential services to all those in need, and that is when BCI stepped in. This year was also special as the BCI team got an opportunity to meet all the people (in person) after a very long time. BCI organized an afternoon together where the team at La Cometa taught them how to create handmade covers. The employees took the opportunity to engage with the members of the association and played games like football and table tennis.

La Cometa also released a video with images, thanking the entire BCI team.

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Glimpses of the event

Birla Carbon Italy partners with La Cometa to ‘Share the Strength’