Decade of Sustainability Story – Birla Carbon Korea

Maintained Zero Recordable Health & Safety Incidents for over ‘Nine’ years

Year: 2004 – present

BCK established the site’s own basic safety rules and reorganized the system so that all employees can comply. In addition, BCK made efforts to spread a safety culture by establishing and implementing a Safety and Environmental Incident Prevention Activity Plan every month. As of January 4, 2022, the highest record of no incidents – 3,180 days – has been achieved.

BCK has received a number of awards and recognitions over the years as a result of their world-class safety performance.

The unit received the certificate for the achievement of Zero Injuries from KOSHA in –

  • September 2014 for maintaining 442 days without injuries
  • October 2015 for maintaining 884 days without injuries
  • January 2017 for maintaining 1,326 days without injuries
  • April 2018 for maintaining 1,768 days without injuries

As a recognition of the unit’s proactive activity, BCK received the Korean MOEL (Ministry of Employment and Labor) minister award as a distinguished contributor that managed and led all safety and health related activities to prevent incidents, in June 2015. BCK was selected as an excellent safety management company in Yeosu Industrial Complex in CY2017 by Yeosu City. The unit also received an award from the Yeosu Mayor at a meeting with the general managers from the Yeosu Industrial Complex and related local authority organizations in February 2018.

BCK received a gold award in safety from the ICBA (International Carbon Black Association) based on CY2018, CY2019 and CY2020 safety recognition programs.

Glimpses of the awards received by Birla Carbon Korea

Glimpses of the awards received by Birla Carbon Korea

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