Achieves sustainable operations through cultural transformations

Name of the Plant: Birla Carbon Thailand

Team Function Involved: Warehouse /Manufacturing

Area of Focus: People (Contractors and Employees)


Birla Carbon Thailand’s (BCT) journey towards cultural transformation started when Sanjeev Sood, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Asia, Birla Carbon, provided the team a target of outsourcing the complete warehouse operations in February 2021, while not compromising on any of the sustainability parameters – environment, safety, quality, and delivery.

The journey decoded

1) Our day at the plant began with a cross functional of contractors and purchasing employees, assembling for a complete warehouse and shop floor round.

The journey decoded

2) The communication at the beginning of every shift (packing and dispatch operators) was done with the use of a microphone and a speaker on the shop floor. Communication was sometimes enhanced through activities like dodgeball, running, exercises, singing, playing music, and then rewarding the winners with small gifts. Other activities were also introduced like the Big Cleaning Day to further engage employees.

The journey decoded

The journey decoded

3) At the end of each shift, a cross-functional team and the contractor supervisor met to identify gaps in storage, check and improve storage conditions, 5S, and housekeeping.

4) To bring about a change, our team used different methods of communication – verbal, video through the television, pictures, banners, whiteboards, and projectors, to name a few.

The journey decoded

5) Going beyond the formal modes of interaction, the team organized lunches for the contractor operators and management staff to interact informally. Additionally, birthdays of the operators were also celebrated at the plant.

The journey decoded

6) Monthly combined meetings of packing and dispatch functions were conducted to achieve the following objectives – The journey decoded

  • Mitigate conflicts between the two functions
  • Increase employee engagement and improve direction
  • Build a healthy workplace culture and strengthen team building
  • Instill the spirit of innovation

Results achieved post the implementation of the engagement activities –

  • No accidents in FY 2022
  • On average, 30 recognitions per month were taken
  • PPE compliance improved; Mobile Equipment safety improved (Forklift).

A story of recognition – Sanjeev Sood acknowledged the action taken to maintain the sustainability of the warehouse operations. The achievements stated above were appreciated by the Dr. Santrupt B. Misra, Group Director, Birla Carbon, Director, Chemicals and Director, Group HR, Aditya Birla Group during his plant visit to Birla Carbon Thailand. He appreciated the work done by the warehouse team to connect with people and to engage them in a positive way.

Sustainability Focus: Product quality; employee engagement; health and safety