Birla Carbon continues its support of Amara and the fight against childhood cancer

It was a fulfilling start to the new year for Birla Carbon Spain (BCS). As part of its CSR initiatives, BCS has always assisted and collaborated with organizations on social and humanitarian causes. For many years, BCS has had a special commitment to Amara – the Cantabrian association of fathers and mothers of children with cancer – and has dedicated a considerable part of its CSR resources to this cause. In line with this, Chus Mata, president of the Association, and Noelia Palacio, psycho-oncologist, were invited to dinner by the employees of BCS.

Speaking about this initiative, Jacinto Zarca, General Manager, Birla Carbon Spain, said, “Our Association with Amara dates back many years, and we believe in doing our bit to make the lives of those children suffering from cancer a little better by way of our donations. We will continue our endeavor to fight childhood cancer with Amara as we share the strength.”

Noelia’s work as a psychologist has been imperative when it comes to dealing with the disease, not only working with the children but also with the children’s family and friends. Unfortunately, this service falls outside the purview of the public health network. Hence, it is the Association that looks out for resources in order to sustain this support. During the gathering, Mata got emotional as she mentioned, “Thank you for always keeping an eye on Amara. BCS has been a great source of support during these years, and you make us feel important. In spite of our small size, it still gives us strength to continue looking for ways to improve daily and enhance the quality of living of the children and their families. As an association, we hope we can reciprocate the gesture.”