Birla Carbon Egypt celebrates the conclusion of its educational program ‘LEARN’

Birla Carbon - Familiar BondsReceives parent requests to continue the event in winter

On September 15, 2018, Birla Carbon Egypt celebrated the conclusion of its educational program – ‘LEARN’, in a ceremony attended by civil society organizations, families and participant children.

LEARN, which benefited 70 students, was a two-month program aimed at preparing students for the new school year during the summer vacation and introducing the curriculum to them in an interesting and creative manner. The purpose of this program was to facilitate the educational process and enhance their educational experience.

Birla Carbon Egypt celebrates the conclusion of its educational program ‘LEARN’Birla Carbon Egypt celebrates the conclusion of its educational program ‘LEARN’

The program included various enriching extra-curricular activities such as scouting, arts and crafts, drawing, painting and adopting healthy habits, like washing of hands and maintaining good personal hygiene. The children learnt foundational values as well, through entertaining yet age-appropriate stories and life examples relevant to the educational process.

At Birla Carbon Egypt, the belief is that children today will grow up to become the future of the world. This program is a small step in making the world a better place by providing youngsters the right opportunity to enhance their learning and pursue their own dreams.
LEARN goes beyond school children, and focuses on training college students as well, who wish to pursue teaching as a profession in the future, by giving them an opportunity to teach youngsters and enhance their education levels. With this training, the college students got the chance to efficiently experiment, learn and participate in social services.

While the ceremony came to an end by awarding the participants, school students and the college mentors who served the community, Birla Carbon Egypt received requests from parents to prolong the program and include winter sessions as well.