Birla Carbon’s first Global Purchasing Symposium

To ensure long term sustainable procurement

With the aim of aligning Birla Carbon’s purchasing processes globally, the first Birla Carbon Global Purchasing Symposium was held on February 26 – 28, 2019, at the Birla Carbon HQ in Marietta, Atlanta.

The symposium was aimed at;

  • Ensuring due diligence screening of Birla Carbon’s suppliers
  • Fostering sustainable procurement and profiling of the suppliers
  • Harmonizing the Standard Purchase Terms and Conditions used to engage Birla Carbon’s vendors around the world

At the conference, the due diligence screening process was highlighted which constantly monitors about 10,000 vendors of Birla Carbon via NAVEX Global’s Risk Rate screening tool to assess regulatory compliance risks. The supplier sustainability assessment was discussed which uses EcoVadis to determine the sustainability profile of Birla Carbon’s key suppliers. The harmonization of Birla Carbon’s purchase terms and conditions were outlined that ensure consistency in Birla Carbon’s purchasing contracts across its worldwide sites.

The outcome of this conference resulted in a long term globally aligned purchasing process that ensures stable and sustainable engagement with Birla Carbon’s suppliers.