Focus on Product Consistency

Birla Carbon customers expect a product that consistently meets the highest quality standards.

For carbon black, these standards focus on three key areas:

  • colloidal properties, or those related to the carbon black morphology (microscopic physical characteristics);
  • physical form, referring to the bead quality (size and hardness) of carbon black; and
  • cleanliness, in terms of the purity of our product.

Birla Carbon rigorously tests its carbon black through internationally recognized test procedures and processes. Based on customer requirements, and regular reviews of the correlation between our customers’ laboratories and our own, we define Upper Specification Limits (USL) and Lower Specification Limits (LSL) for each test. Our products only leave our gates if all of the required parameters are tested and the product is certified within these limits.

Our testing processes are validated through a process capability index (Cpk), which statistically measures their reliability. All of our testing equipment in our quality departments are regularly serviced, checked and calibrated to guarantee maximum product quality.