Greenfield Facility in China

Our new greenfield facility in Jining will be built with the best available technologies to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment and communities.

The new facility will be a joint venture between Birla Carbon and China’s Jining Carbon Group. The plant will be built just north of Jining City, Shandong province, China, and will be constructed in two phases, with an expected final capacity of 240,000 tonnes per year.

The plant has been designed with Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE) in mind: the best available technologies will be deployed, ensuring that its direct CO2 emissions per tonne of carbon black produced will be even lower than the current benchmark, while the selected boiler and dryer will minimize NOx emissions and operate at maximum efficiency by extracting thermal energy from the steam turbine. Furthermore, the plant will produce a large amount of energy through steam and electricity for local industries and communities.

This greenfield facility will have a lower overall impact on the surrounding environment. Production is expected to commence in 2019.