Birla Carbon Kaleidoscope – USA
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Presenting to you the third series of #BirlaCarbonKaleidoscope

A journey of inspiration and empowerment with Bina and Tina, two young individuals shaping the Future of Engineering at Birla Carbon.

From humble beginnings to professional triumphs, witness their incredible stories unfold in this series.

Let’s hear about their experiences of growth, mentorship, and excellent teamwork through the #LensOfAnEngineer.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated to pursue your engineering dreams with Birla Carbon.

Birla Carbon Kaleidoscope - USA - Intro Video

Sneak Peak – Team USA

Welcome to the third chapter of our inspiring series, featuring our team in Birla Carbon USA.

Join us as we explore new inspiring journeys, showcasing the exciting path that lies ahead for fresh graduates at Birla Carbon.

Introducing two young engineers – Tina and Bonna from our team at Birla Carbon USA, Marietta Office.

Get ready to be inspired by their passion for innovation and excellence! Their stories reflect the endless opportunities for young engineers.

Birla Carbon Kaleidoscope - USA - Sneak Peak

#BirlaCarbonKaleidoscope #LensOfAnEngineer

Behind The Scenes – Team USA

It’s time to drive into the making of #BirlaCarbonKaleidoscope series with Team USA!

Get ready to witness the teamwork, passion and friendship that defines our work culture through the #LensOfAnEngineer. From fun-filled moments to serious discussions, this BTS clip captures the essence of what makes Birla Carbon a special place to work for young engineers.

Thanks to the dedication of every team member involved in bringing this together. Stay tuned for more!

Birla Carbon Kaleidoscope - USA - Behind The Scenes


Team USA Wrap up

Teamwork shines at Birla Carbon!
We aim to create a supportive environment where every employee is valued and encouraged to succeed. From providing guidance during onboarding to facilitating connections with peers, our close-knit community ensures that young engineers like Bonna and Tina thrive.

Join us at Birla Carbon and be a part of a dynamic environment that nurtures talent and fosters growth.

Stay tuned for more amazing stories from our teams across the globe. we’re celebrating diversity, growth, and the incredible people on our team!

Birla Carbon Kaleidoscope - USA - Wrap Up Video