Birla Carbon Wins Werner von Siemens Award

The key criteria to winning this award is the efficient use of energy products, considering energy efficiency to be an interdisciplinary field.

“Birla Carbon is committed to delivering solutions to customers through safe, energy efficient and sustainable processes” said Laszlo Dobos, General Manager, CTC, Hungary. “This recognition is a result of the entire site’s and our business commitment to be the leading sustainable carbon black producer in the world.”

Werner von Siemens was a German inventor and industrialist who founded the electrical and telecommunications company Siemens. The Werner von Siemens Award is presented for efficiency in the field of industry, energy, infrastructure and healthcare. The award aims to promote and distribute good practices and give recognition to technological achievements, promote rational consumption of resources, awareness and motivate economic operators to invest in efficiency and bring forward competencies, know-how and innovative character of Hungarian companies.

As part of the award submission, a video on the plant’s commitment to safety, environment and energy efficiency was presented. Click here to view the video.