Red Tag Day Drives Sustainable Operational Excellence at Trecate

The Birla Carbon Trecate plant employees in Italy have their own unique way of ensuring the highest levels of operational excellence at their plant.

During “Red Tag Day,” employees at the plant along with the maintenance team found a unique way to identify and eliminate minor feedstock, air, water, and vapor leaks and spills at the plant.

Teams of colleagues from Administration, Production, Quality, Human Resources, Warehouse, and Maintenance were equipped with a note pad and pen, red spray paint and red tags. They moved throughout the plant looking for the smallest levels of leaks and spills around the entire plant premises including office, machinery, and storage areas. During their walkthrough, they marked these areas with a red tag so that the Maintenance team could easily locate and resolve issues efficiently resulting in optimum performance at the plant.

“At the Trecate plant we look forward to making Sustainable Operational Excellence an engaging experience for all employees. Red Tag Days are now a kind of ‘tradition’ started 4 years ago. This year the day was named ‘Red Barbeque Day’ and the activity of identifying the leakages was celebrated with a real barbeque in the mechanical workshop. By participating in identifying and marking the smallest errors, we ensure optimal production time at the plant and employees build their confidence in the reliability of tools and machinery at their workplace,” said Giuseppe Zanotti, General Manager, Trecate, Italy.