Silver CSR Rating from EcoVadis

Sustainability consultancy EcoVadis ranked Birla Carbon in the top 10% of suppliers in the Environmental, Fair Business and Labor categories.

EcoVadis, a third-party consultancy specialized in Supplier Sustainability Rating, assessed Birla Carbon’s profile on key sustainability indicators in March 2015. The assessment includes a comparison with over 150 other suppliers from related industrial sectors. Overall, we scored 57%, an improvement on our previous score of 52%, achieving a strong ‘Silver CSR Rating’. More importantly than the score itself, it places us in a top-10% leadership position within our supplier group.

Of significance, we achieved best-in-class scores for three of the four performance categories: Environmental, Labor and Fair Business practices. Our points of improvement were accentuated by our score on Sustainable Procurement practices. While the score in this area was less positive, we believe that this relates more to the limited visibility of our practices, rather than the practices themselves.  It is our intention to reverse this perception during FY2016 by reinforcing our leadership position with a ‘Gold CSR Rating’ in the near future.