Sustainable Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) – A Priority at Birla Carbon

At Birla Carbon, health, safety and the environment (HS&E) are a priority. Focusing on building and maintaining a sustainable HS&E framework creates new industry benchmarks.

To move toward being the global leader in the manufacturing of carbon black, colleagues from around the world meet annually to review progress and realign HS&E objectives, while considering changing and ongoing needs of the industry.

Forty one participants representing 12 countries participated in the 2015 Global Birla Carbon HS&E conference in Budapest, Hungary in September. The objective of the conference was to build skills and knowledge of the participants to enhance product stewardship, commitment based safety, and sharing of best practices from across all regions. The goal is to have HS&E professionals energized with new information, new connections, and new resources to help them in our common journey toward HS&E excellence.

“Our vision is to be the world’s most respected, sustainable, and dynamic global carbon black business. To achieve this, we continue to take actions that will enable us to succeed despite any volatile and uncertain scenarios. Sustainability is and continues to be an important part of Birla Carbon’s strategy. It is our goal to be recognized as the clear leader in sustainable practices in the global carbon black industry.  A key part of that endeavor includes our efforts in safety and environmental protection,” said Kevin Boyle, Chief Operating Officer, Birla Carbon. He further added, “With Sustainable Operational Excellence guiding our actions, I believe that Birla Carbon is well-positioned to face the future and continue setting examples in the industry.”