Energy Seminars Across Birla Carbon to Drive Energy Efficiency

Every year the Business Energy and Utility team engages representatives from all plants in each region to participate in discussions on energy efficiency. The regional teams share best practices from across the Birla Carbon world and adapt key learnings to drive energy efficiency.

Three such conferences were held in late 2015 and early 2016 in South Asia and Middle East, Far East Asia and Europe and Africa regions.

The initiative is led by Mr Dhiraj Marakana, Senior Vice President, Power and Utilities, Birla Carbon who explains, “All Birla Carbon plants have the opportunity to be energy sufficient by optimizing their energy cycle and using their tail gas (a waste product of carbon black production process) to generate energy for consumption. This not only makes Birla Carbon self-sufficient in its energy needs, but also gives us an opportunity to share the surplus energy with local energy networks and neighbouring manufacturing sites.”

The seminar goes beyond Birla Carbon participants to include best practice sharing from key channel partners like Siemens, Forbes, Alstom, ABB, Doright  and Thermax who showcase their new developments in the field of energy monitoring and efficiency, providing an opportunity to Birla Carbon to go a step further in its quest to be more energy efficient.