Three Markets, Countless Possibilities for Carbon Black

Carbon black has a wide range of uses across an array of applications in three markets – specialty, mechanical rubber goods and tires. It is vital to rubber products for reinforcement. In the specialty market, carbon black also plays an important role as a black pigment to impart jetness in inks and coatings as well as blackness, UV protection and conductivity in plastics. For select niche applications, including adhesives, sealants, ceramics and glass, carbon black’s properties can enhance appearance, electrical conductivity and protection from environmental stresses.

In addition to our many off-the-shelf products that have proven ideal for market demands worldwide, our technical services teams can also work directly with you, collaborating to deliver custom solutions for your custom needs.

Carbon black’s fundamental properties determine its performance for use in applications in all markets. Birla Carbon’s exacting standards control and maintain particle and aggregate size properties, surface activity and physical form. This produces grades that meet internationally recognized ASTM specifications, and high-performance rubber and specialty grades to meet specific market requirements across industries that depend upon precise carbon black formulations.



Our line of patented carbon blacks has been designed to improve treadwear and rolling resistance while maintaining traction, in addition to lowering the hysteresis of non-tread compounds. Applications include racing and ultra-high performance tires, passenger and truck treads, and non-tread tire compounds.


Our specialty black solutions provide black pigment for exceptional color and properties including UV protection, viscosity and conductivity that dramatically improve form and function in plastics, coatings, inks and niche applications.


We offer high-quality rubber black options that give you the ideal combination of enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness. Applications include sealing systems, belts, hoses, gaskets, and molded parts.


Structured under five distinct pillars, but operating as one seamless organization, our technical services teams can assist with any need, no matter your market.

Analytical Services, Quality and Research

  • Organization support
  • Research contact
  • Coordination for global quality efforts

Process Development

  • New processes
  • Processes for new products
  • Process experts

Rubber Carbon Black Product Development

  • New products
  • Technical education and marketing support
  • Technology lead for customers and industry


  • Standard design
  • Capital management
  • Process design and project management

Manufacturing Technical Service

  • Best practices and yield program
  • Technical assistance
  • Energy optimization
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As the world’s largest producer and supplier of carbon black, Birla Carbon delivers effective solutions anywhere and anytime you need to help you succeed.


The versatility of carbon black is evident in its use throughout an automobile. Key to the manufacture and performance of tires – the largest application for carbon black – it is also used in everything from the engine compartment to interior components to exterior coatings.