Birla Carbon Driving Circularity

Our vision is to be the most respected, sustainable and dynamic global carbon black business. For over a century, we have been sharing our expertise and adding value to countless everyday products.

By focusing on our people, product and processes, we have made significant progress in driving circularity.

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We have incorporated sustainability, circularity and innovation into our business to create value for our stakeholders.”

John Loudermilk
CEO, Birla Carbon

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Watch this video message from John Loudermilk, CEO.

This website summarises our performance for FY2021.
Our full FY2021 report covers our approach, progress and goals in detail.

Read our FY2021 report (PDF, 13.7 MB)
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Key highlights

Applying circular thinking

We launched our new sustainable brand, Continua™ and our first fully circular product Continua™ 8000.

68% of our waste was repurposed, including recycling, reuse and recovery.

We achieved an absolute energy conversion efficiency rate of 70.9%.

By 2050, we aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

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Always investing in innovation

Progressed our partnership with CHASM Advanced Materials.

Partnered with other ABG companies and external partners to convert our carbon emissions into carbon nanomaterials.

Expanded our battery material portfolio to include natural and synthetic graphite.

Strengthened employee engagement through the Hype Open Innovation campaign.

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Working towards our 2030 goals

To meet our vision, we have developed ambitious goals for FY2030. We have set key performance indicators (KPIs) to track our progress as we work to become the most sustainable carbon black business.

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Sustainable Operational Excellence: the motivation behind our actions

Our sustainability strategy ensures operational excellence and shared value. It is behind every decision we make, from product design to supporting our communities.

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Our Approach
UN Global Compact

We are signatories of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), demonstrating our commitment to sharing the positive impact of our business with society.

Our net zero pledge

We are pledging to lower our carbon emissions to zero by 2050, a first for the carbon black industry. Drawing on our sustainability progress, our customer relationships, and our ongoing innovations we’re confident that we can achieve our goal.

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Keeping everyone safe

The COVID‑19 pandemic has impacted people around the world. At Birla Carbon, we acted quickly to protect our employees and ensure business continuity for our customers. Our dedicated COVID‑19 task force developed a response framework for our global facilities.

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In our report you will find more information on:

  • The launch of Continua™ 8000, our first fully circular product
  • Our latest innovations and partnerships
  • Our COVID‑19 response
Read our FY2021 report (PDF, 13.7 MB)
Report Download Image